Personal email
Why personal email?

The benefits include:

From £22 per annum

Why personal email? - there's a lot of free email out there: your ISP, HotMail, GMail etc. So, why buy personal or domain-based email? We think there are plenty of good reasons for having a personal email address - take a look at the list in the blue box.

MyMail Starter - a simple but fully featured email service with a single 1GB mailbox, free UK domain, alias addresses, forwarding and webmail. All for £22 a year.
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MyMail Core - if you need more than mailbox, to manage different types of mail or mail from different sources, MyMailCore provides four mailboxes and unlimited additional forwarding or alias addresses.
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MyMail Family - this lets you allocate up to eight mailboxes among family members or across any other group. Parents can retain control over the other mailboxes through a master control panel.
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