Domain names
A few tips on domain names:

What is a domain? - a domain name is a website address like It describes your business or orgainsation on the internet and also forms your email addresses. The same prefix can exist different endings:, or for example and each one is a separate domain name, even if used by the same organisation.

Is that domain available?  
For how long would you like to buy the domain?  

Just put the name you want, without the www. or http:// and leave off the ending such as, .net We will search all available domain ending for the name you enter.
** The search may take several seconds to complete **

What we provide - we buy, host and manage domain names on behalf of our customers and provide any format of domain ending. We help you secure available domain names and offer services to allow you to run email services, a website or just 'park' the domain until you are ready to use it. We will renew your domain automatically so will never lose control of it and w -e can secure ownership of your domain name anything from 1 to 10 years.
'Top 5' domain names - the bulk of websites use one of a limited range of domain names.
.com .org .net
There are many others to choose from and these less common names can be used when someone already owns the name you want. Someone already owns but you could still buy Less common domain names work perfectly well but customers may not remember them. If possible, try to find a way to use one of the core domain formats.
Other standard domain names - less common but readily available domain name types.
.name .eu
.biz .info .tv .mobi .co
New generation domain names - a whole range of new domain name types are being introduced. In the drop-box below we list around 500 of what could be 1000 new domain name endings. Many of these will be great for making your domain more relevant for your business. As soon as these names become available (should be before the end of 2013) we will start to make them available. We expect these names will more expensive than established names.