Other services

Other things we do
  • New websites
  • Website rescue
  • Specialist websites
  • Web design & functional overhaul
  • Website consultancy
  • Website hosting
  • Self build sites
  • Content management
  • Online web promotion
  • Printed promotional materials
  • Non-geographic telephony
  • Written word improvement

Easy2Mail is just one of a number of website and communication-related businesses operated by parent company Cameron Hardy Limited.

Websites - all work relating to websites is carried out under the strikingly simple banner

Hosting - our hosting business is called Fullhost.co.uk

Promotions - this is also carried out under the strikingly simple banner

Telephony - here work is carried out through the Simply08Numbers brand

Written word - our business in this area is called justsaytheword.co.uk

Utility site - our testing and utility site sharemyjob.co.uk

Utility site - another hosting facility simplegallery.co.uk

Specialist hosting - specialist hosting services for church websites church-hosting.org.uk

Photographers' services - an old but still active service site 64asa.co.uk

Parent company - all of our business lines are trading brands of our holding company Cameron Hardy Limited