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MyMail Starter

This package includes:

  • One mailbox 1GB storage
  • Fully managed service
  • Domain name included
  • Choose any names before the @ sign
  • Unlimited forwarding addresses
  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Autoresponder
  • Full webmail service
  • Comprehensive control panel
  • Flexible spam controls
  • Inbound + outbound virus scan
  • Easy access on phone or tablet
  • Seamless upgrade options
  • Robust authentication
  • 10MB maximum attachment

Price: £1.83/month or £22/year with address.

Payable 12 months in advance. Other domain type available: prices shown in the booking process.

MyMail Starter - a powerful personalised email service with one mailbox but with unlimited additional forwarding or alias addresses. Free UK domain name of your choice, option to trade-up to non-UK domains and choose any mailbox@ name. Your Easy2 mailbox has a maximum capacity of 1GB of storage. You also have webmail, access on your phone or tablet, desktop/mobile synchronisation (using IMAP), online spam filtering, inbound+outbound virus scan, forwarding, alias addresses and autoresponders. Details in the blue box. Choose a domain name

MyMail Core - a larger email service with an extra four 1GB Easy2 mailboxes. Use a different mailbox for different types of contact.
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MyMail Family - allocate up to eight 1GB Easy2 mailboxes among family members or any group/club. Parents or leaders can retain control over the other mailboxes.
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