Small business basic, domain-based email
BusinessBasics Email

All packages include:

Price: from £77 a year with address.

Why domain-based email? - there's a lot of free email services out there: your ISP, HotMail, GMail and others. Why buy personal or domain-based email when you can get email free? As they say, there's no such thing as a free lunch and you can never be sure using a giant orgainsation what price you are really paying for free email. We think there plenty of good reasons for having a personal email address.

Business10 - a simple but fully featured email service with a maximum of 10 mailboxes but unlimited addresses through forwarding and aliases.
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Business20 - if you need more mailboxes, then just step up to Business20.
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BusinessFlex - if you need even more mailboxes, then just step up to BusinessFlex. The feature set is the same as Business20 but the mailbox count and total storage capacity are flexible - so pricing is flexible too.
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Business uprade options - add a host of extras, controls, website functions and web applications to your account. We can also create bespoke web applications for you. You can also transfer individual mailboxes to a hosted Exchange service to provide greater integaration of mail and other communications services.
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