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What is hosted Exchange? - Hosted Exchange™ is an online or cloud-based deployment of Microsoft's industry-standard Exchange™ Mail Server™ software. Rather than running on a server within your company, hosted Exchange™ allows you to 'rent' the functions and facilities of Exchange Server™ without the need for expensive deployment, on-going costs and the need for in-house IT expertise. Everything happens remotely on remote, UK-based servers. You log in from a wide range of devices.

Software as a service (SAAS) - using Exchange™ as an SAAS means you do not have to have a business server, you do not need to buy sperate licences and you will never need to upgrade.

Great email facilities - each hosted Exchange™ mailbox comes with an impressive array of functions and facilities, as laid out in the blue box to the right.

What do I need? - you just need to have a domain name (not necessarily an active website) and access to what are called the domain name sever or DNS settings so that mail can be re-routed to our systems. That's it. Nothing else needed.

Am I tied to a long contract? - No. Our basic service is just a 30 day committment, like a pay-as-you-go mobile 'phone contract. Just tell us you want to cancel before the 25th of each months and your aggrement with us is ended. Just make sure you collect or migrate your email. If you want to commit to 12 months, we will give you 1 month free.

Can we share calendars and contacts? - Yes. Where you have more than one mailbox in our account, users can share and collaborate.

Can I access the mailbox on my phone? - Yes. The beauty of hosted Exchange is that you can access your mail in a number of different ways: desktop through Microsoft Outlook™; online via the Outlook™ Anywhere™ webmail service; on mutliple phones or tablets using your preferred email app; through the Outlook™ app on iOS and Android. The real beauty of the service is that anything you do on one method of access instantly reflects on all others: send from your phone and the sent message will also show in Outlook™ on your desktop. Delete a message on your phone, it also goes from Outlook™.

I don't have Outlook on my desktop - we can provide a licence for Windows or Mac on the same pay-as-you-go basis for just over £1 per month + VAT.

Pricing - the basic pricing for Hosted Exchange™ is £5 per mailbox per month without a contract, just a 30-day pay-as-you-go (PAYG) agreement. For charities and academic users we are able to reduce this cost. We also offer reductions for multiple mailbox installations and 12 month committments.

  • Single PAYG
  • Net
  • Inc. VAT
  • Standard
  • £5.00
  • £6.00
  • Charity/academic
  • £4.00
  • £4.80
  • 2-5 mailboxes PAYG
  • Standard
  • £4.75
  • £5.70
  • Charity/academic
  • £3.80
  • £4.56
  • 6+ mailboxes PAYG
  • Standard
  • £4.50
  • £5.40
  • Charity/academic
  • £3.60
  • £4.32
  • Single 12m term
  • Net
  • Inc. VAT
  • Standard
  • £4.58
  • £5.50
  • Charity/academic
  • £3.67
  • £4.40
  • 2-5 mailboxes 12m term
  • Standard
  • £4.35
  • £5.23
  • Charity/academic
  • £3.48
  • £4.18
  • 6+ mailboxes 12m term
  • Standard
  • £4.13
  • £4.95
  • Charity/academic
  • £3.30
  • £3.96

Uprade options - We can offer upgrade options for each hosted Exchange mailbox. We can also offer other hosted services such a Data Backup and Office 365™ - click here for more details.

  • Additional service per mailbox
  • Per month
  • Advanced Security - filter only
  • £1.33 + VAT
  • Advanced Security - filter with one year archiving
  • £1.66 + VAT
  • Advanced Security - filter with ten years archiving
  • £3.65 + VAT

Signing up - unfortunately we do not offer online set-up for hosted Exchange™ accounts. There is a material amount of set up and provisioning that we have to do for each account so it can take 1-2 working days for your account to go live. We also have to be very careful about data security and we also have to be extra careful that the mailboxes we sell are not being used for spamming or phishing activities. The best way is do this is still to have a human check things over before switching the service on.

So, if you are interested either send us an email by slicking the link below, call us on 020 8819 5286 or make a call back request using the 'Call me Back' button below. If we can't get to answer your Call me Back request, just call the main number and leave a voicemail. All voicemail messages are recorded and immediately sent to a team member by email so that we can pick up and respond more quickly. Click here to send us a email or request an installation.

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Hosted Exchange

All packages include:

Price: £5 per month per mailbox, less discounts for charity/academic users, mutliple mailboxes and term agreements.