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Just click on the 'order this domain' link and we will double check the availability before taking you to the checkout. Here we will ask you to enter your details which we will need to register the domain name. After filling in our details, you will then be able to proceed to our payment page. When payment has been processed and other checks have been carried out, we will send you details of how to log in to your account and start to use your Easy2Mail service.

You entered : this is not a valid entry.
  • The domain name may be too long - maximum length is 61 characters
  • You may have included the suffix or the part after the '.', such as .com or .net.
    You should not include this.
  • The name can only consist of letters, numbers and hyphens ('-').
    Other characters are not allowed.
  • Other characters are allowed in the email address (before the '@' symbol) but not in the domain name itself

Please check you entry and click here to try again.

Why do some domain names have an additional charge? This is because the organisations that control these domain names charge a higher fee for registration and renewal.